Realm Wide Ignore

1 Feb

Ever wish you could just /ignore entire realms in your battlegroup?  I do.  While every server boasts members of its population that have missed out on common sense, common courtesy, and common decency (Moon Guard included) there are a few servers that just seem to breed asshat players.

For a lot of folks in the RP server world, the expectation is that these folk are all from the dog-eat-dog PvP servers.  After living on one for a couple years I can see where they might get that idea.  But by and large they don’t, they come from straight PvE instead.

Mok’Nathal, Cairne, and to a lesser extent, Nazgrel are all realm names I’ve come to dread seeing when I zone into a random.  While I do get some fairly good “silent soldiers” from time to time from these places, I’m (overwhelmingly) seeing something far different.  I don’t know how to describe it honestly – the only phrase that comes to mind is “adolescent, gangster rap-wanna-be-f*ck-wits”.

These guys are the type will take their gnome rogue and run ahead of the tank, chain pulling multiple rooms in a place like Black Rock Depths to make things go faster.  If the healer can’t keep the tank up?  Not his problem – he vanishes, heaps abuse on the party in general and drops group.  While everyone else is corpse running.

They’re the type of player that when a run starts to go bad, they’re the first to bitch, when loot drops that they want, they’re the first to whine, when things hint that they might get hard – they’re the first to leave.

But never without tossing a random insult at the rest of the group before dropping party.

If I can handle all that – and I can – then the crap that they spew out in chat I can’t.  For future reference:

  1. I don’t want to know your thoughts on anal sex – I’m about to pull here.
  2. I am not “yer nigga” – not  your “bitch” – just stop.
  3. I am not impressed by your e-bad-ass attitude and annoyed emotes
  4. Please stop typing T-Pain lyrics randomly through the instance…
  5. Please stop typing them in CAPS…
  6. Please stop macroing this crap and spamming it at every halt.

Now as a firm proponent of the random dungeon finder – I am getting to the point where I no longer feel it’s necessary to block out some of the odd bad apples.  It’s time to nuke their trees from orbit instead.  The sad truth is that for the realms I’ve mentioned here, 95% of the people on them are probably just fine, it’s the 5%  that get into the dungeon finder that are screwing things up.

Yes – random groups are random – but lately the god of random seems to keep putting me in 5-mans full of  wanna-be e-famous Trade Chat Heroes.

And that’s just too much 0_o


5 Responses to “Realm Wide Ignore”

  1. Capn John February 2, 2010 at 03:00 #

    I’ve had that one crappy Dead Mines Run, and everything else has been pretty good. Sure, in RFD and Uldaman they wanted me to go faster than I was comfortable with, but overall my PUG encounters have been pretty smooth. And the crappy Dead Mines Run? Without a doubt it would have ended in victory if I’d only thrown us back into the queue to replace the Wipe-prone ‘Lock.

  2. windpaw February 2, 2010 at 04:53 #

    The majority of my runs have been just fine – but the ones that aren’t … Oi…
    As a tank I’ve only had 1 run that ended with a “WTF was that?”. The 3 of the 4 in the group were from the same realm and kept up a firehose of sewer mouth going the whole run. I ignored it – and tanked the run (Princess run in Mara) with no problems at all. No wipes – no deaths – no lost aggro and no drama. As one of the trio left group he passed along “shitty group – crap tank” and left. Knowing how e-bullies work his intent was to make us poor RP folk feel like we’d failed in some way and enrage us by not allowing a witty retort. Problem is – I’ve been insulted with no cause by Ranger Instructors, Drill Sergeants, Airborne Black Hats and my wife. All of these people are professionals and have made a career by inflicting the maximum amount of pain with as few words as possible. So – anonymous e-bully is lol-worthy at best. What I don’t get is what motivates ass-hats to be ass-hats. Games more fun (to me) if everyone gets along.

  3. Echo February 3, 2010 at 12:52 #

    @Windpaw – Given 60% of the group was made up of him and his pals he’s really mocking his own intelligence more 🙂

    I get shit from the pvp servers in my group for being RPPVP. Nothing quite shuts up them up like outplaying them. Well, that or a misdirect 😀

  4. Morane February 3, 2010 at 17:16 #

    Cairne!?! What’s wrong with Cairne?

    Can’t say I’ve noticed anything particularly bad on Cairne, even before the random dungeon tool. One thing I have noticed is that I very rarely get put together with people from my own realm.

    Truth is I’ve not been playing Morane at all. I’ve shifted to my healer experiment and an Alliance Druid on Emerald Dream.

    I’d say the quality of people has definitely declined since the random dungeon finder launched. I see *many* more characters trying to tank or heal just because it gets them into a group faster but without a clue of how to do it. Many more people simply want to blow through the instance as quickly as possible. Which is one thing if it’s the tank quite another if it’s a DPS pulling stuff because they don’t think the group is going fast enough.

  5. Windpaw February 3, 2010 at 19:10 #

    Yeah – Cairne made my personal list. But like I said – 95% of the folks may be fine – but it’s the 5% I’m running into via randoms that are messing things up!

    Normally my good group to bad ratio was pretty reasonable. I’d say you’re probably right about why things are tanking more frequently now.

    In the 80 random bracket healers and tanks get queues instantly. In the vanilla levels – everything is tank bound. I dual specced Kel’ as heals / prot thinking I could get instant queues regardless. Not true – I was waiting as long to heal as I would do DPS.

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