Oh Sunken Temple…How I Hate Thee

28 Jan

I ran it like 5 times last night…that’s at least 4 times too many.  I’d hoped to farm Princess in Maraudon with my randoms, but no such luck.  I got to kill that 600lbs hunk of demonic woman only once.  Happily, that one time – my pants did drop!


These pants dropped…princess dropped them.  Lets be clear here.

Of course Keladryn lost the loot roll to the arms warrior in our group.  I wanted to be annoyed, but buddy was still wearing Triprunner Dungarees so I figured it was probably just karma working its way back around to him.  Kel’s been wearing the same mail “of the bear” pants since about level 36 so I figure they’ll be good for a bit longer.

Anyway, during that run Kel’ hit level 47 and from that point on, the only thing the dungeon finder would cough up was Sunken Temple.  I keep reading about how the tool seems to get stuck on certain instances for particular level bands.  I believe I’m probably in one such band now.

Now in actuality, Sunken Temple is a lot of fun.  That and I’m a complete sucker for troll based instances and raids.  They are (in my opinion) way more fun than all of this undead, scourge-centric crap.  So getting to run ST isn’t a bad thing.


I have a hell of a time remembering how to find those first six mini-bosses.  You know the ones, all tucked safely away in their little alcoves, channeling some mystic troll voodoo to protect Jammal’an the Prophet?  Luckily, all of my ST groups last night were quite good and there was always someone with a better sense of creepy troll dungeon direction than me.

The rest of the instance is cake really.  Kill off the six and drop down to clear the center circle of whelps and dragonkin.  I’m constantly amazed at how well Keladryn can keep aggro in high AoE damage parties.  From time to time I’ll get a runner, but a quick taunt is all that is required to pull things back into order.  Even the marauding pairs of dragons that pop up after Jammal’an is killed are easy now.  About the only thing that caused problems was the Shade of Eranikus who put me to sleep every single time I fought him.  It’s not just any sleep though – it’s a nasty deep sleep that lasts for 15 agonizing seconds.  Still, my groups were pretty good, so they were able to kite him until I came out of it.  Each time I’d wake up, he was already so close to death that Hammer of Wrath was waiting on me and he’d drop in one shot.

It was a good night all and all.  Kel’ hit 48 after he turned in Jammal’an’s head and I promptly called it an evening.  Rainchaser even came out to play with Veritas for a while.  We did the weekly raid on 25-man … (but only took like 16 or 17 people) and made short work of the Deconstructor.  Well…to be honest…the guild made quick work…Rain’ was dead in the first 30 seconds of the fight.  Big surprise – I got hit by a light bomb and in my eagerness to “do the right” thing, probably ran out of  range of the very busy healers.  So – there I was on my back watching the rest of the guild handily beat the enrage timer.  I’ve noticed a trend when I go all Night Elf on Rain’ – I tend to die a lot.  In Tauren form – I do pretty well – as a dwarf – the same.  As a female *orc* – I’m invincible.  But as a purty night elf – well – yeah – I have some work to do.

One thing I noticed was how *odd* it felt to hunter again.  I’ve been tanking so many randoms of late I had to keep myself from scanning my ability bar for Holy Shield or Consecrate.  Will have to give Rain’ some equal time before ICC this weekend.  Dying in there will be frowned upon.


3 Responses to “Oh Sunken Temple…How I Hate Thee”

  1. Nora January 28, 2010 at 17:37 #

    I spent a lot of quality floor-time on the trash there, too. Don’t feel too bad (as did my husband, who of course I had to mock in spousechat.)

    Of course, I felt so wise and fabulous when someone said afterward, “Hey, nice fishing hat there!” *cough*

    Apparently I’ve been inactive long enough that I forget things. Like, Get Out Of Your RP Gear Before Raiding. So – please don’t worry about dying or if you die in ICC. It’s all good. *wink* Just make sure to bring your fishing hat!

    I think it’s fascinating the way your different races play. I’d like to hear more about that sometime! I haven’t experienced that yet, but I have noticed some toons are just luckier than others – in rolls, in random drops, in getting killed. Makes sense that different races would take on different feels and personalities too.

  2. Capn John January 28, 2010 at 17:59 #

    I haven’t PUGd ST yet (like you, I get lost in there, too). However, I did Tank ZF last night. Smooth as silk run (naturally, being level 50), except for our Shammy Healer dying when we Aggroed two 5-Mob groups around Gahz’rilla’s pool. We still survived and because I’m a Paladin I Rez’d her, although, being a Shammy…shouldn’t she have been able to Rez herself? Hmm. Wonder if she’d done that trick already and I never noticed. That’s…a sobering thought.

    So I also completed all my ZF quests and dinged 51 after turning them in, and now UBRS has been added to the list of Instances in my LFD Tool…but still no sign of Dire Maul. I have ZF in there, Maraudon, ST, LBRS and UBRS, but no Dire Maul. I find that surprising because I always thought UBRS was the Big Bad of the regular Instances, so I’m puzzled that the game is willing to let me run UBRS but not Dire Maul. Very strange.

  3. Elionene January 28, 2010 at 19:03 #

    You didn’t die because you ran out of range, you died because you had light bomb at the same time XT had his tympanic tantrum. With only two healers, and the massive raid damage during a tantrum, anyone with a light bomb is probably going down, and it actually happened to a few people. You were just the unlucky first. 😉

    I do very few low level instances these days. I remember disliking ST because it was so long, and confusing. And even with a competent group, it can take some time. Lal and I did run Scarlet Monastery – Graveyard about 6 times in a row though last week on our Draenei. It was actually pretty fun. I was ret for some and tank for others. Lots of loot and XP. We were doing the random instance, but for some reason it was always graveyard. Must have been one of those loops you mentioned. We didn’t mind. Better that than Gnomer. /shudder

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