You Can’t Heal Stupid

14 Jan

That’s right folks, from the guy that can’t seem to get the whole click the light buff to fight Darkbane and click the dark buff to fight Lightbane straight” – I’m here to tell you that you can’t heal stupid.

Problem is, people think you can.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed how I dps more than playing a healer.  I’m more conscious of my aggro, more conscious of my positioning, and light years more aware of my surroundings.

All it took for this sudden and amazing transformation was playing an undergeared healer.  There you are, your mana pool is tiny, your tank as under geared as you are, and the ranged dps?  They’re melting inside of flame walls, they’re standing in nasty black void zones.  The melee dps?  They’re so worried about their damage meters and getting their rotation right, that half of them just missed the warning for Ick’s poison nova.  The tank?  So used to working with 5k gear score uber healers, he’s run off and pulled the entire room…and then ran out of line of site trying to pull more.

Healers, coming from one that was so often ready to eat that little bit of splash damage just to finish off a steady shot, or who missed a raid warning because (like an idiot) I was more worried about stacking my trinket procs with my chimera shots, I am truly sorry.

Now that my shaman healer is wearing a fair bit of 245 and T9, things are much better. But back before all the triumph badges, back when I didn’t know my lesser healing wave from my riptide, it was rough.  My mana regen? Shockingly bad.  My gear?  Itemized almost perfectly for an elemental shaman.  My heals were slow and felt like I was drinking after every single fight.   With new tanks I was a roiling agonized ball of healer angst before the first pull, I was ready to RAGE at players that couldn’t get out of the fires.  There were groups that were so aggro happy and undergeared that if I stopped time – there still wouldn’t have been enough global cool downs available for me to heal through all the damage they were taking.

The problem though – is that with gear and experience – healers get good.  Good healers with good gear get down right great.  The sheer awesomeness of their healing power allows sloppy dps to remain sloppy.  One of the best compliments I ever received as a healer came from a ret-pally who’d been grabbing aggro in 5-mans all night long.

“Dude – you’re a great healer, I never even look at my health bar anymore.”

I nearly Frostshawked him into next week.  I mean – I appreciated the compliment but for the love of your Perky Pug – maintain some situational awareness!

Maybe I’ve taken it too far.  Maybe the scars of my early healing endeavors have made me too timid, too afraid to take chances.  Hell – I’m so sensitive to stressing healers now that I stopped playing my arms warrior for a while.  Just the thought of bladestorming something makes me queasy.  I remember this one Culling of Strat’ run I did with a bad warrior tank and three arms warriors.  It was horrible…terrifying…I can still see my grid interface as the aggro alert corner on every single one of them lit up at the exact same time on every, single, pull.

But I digress….

Good healers, like a good tank, are a blessing.  So if you find a good one – or even a great one.  Do them a favor.  Don’t make them work too much.  Watch your aggro, watch where you stand, watch out for raid warnings.  Play like you’re never going to get another heal – ever again.

They’ll thank you – and  you’ll be a better damage dealer for it.


3 Responses to “You Can’t Heal Stupid”

  1. Haitia January 14, 2010 at 23:54 #


  2. Stupid Mage January 15, 2010 at 17:20 #

    I can totally relate to seeing the aggro dot appear on multiple boxes when only one of them is the Tank.

  3. Suindara January 15, 2010 at 18:23 #

    Funny and true!
    Ive been a healer since before WoW, lately I ve tried tanking, and I felt something like you said about being a dps and trying to heal. 🙂

    DPS is kinda boring to me.

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