The Inflexible Me

7 Jan

So the guild calendar is probably one of my favorite tools.  Being one of those guys that normally hates keeping to a schedule of any kind it’s pretty odd that I love the in game calendar so much.

But I *do* – I really do.

You see – I’m busy.  Damn busy.  But busy or not, I still want to raid – and it’s not hard to do when you can use something like the calendar to organize raids with everyone else.

Last night was supposed to by Onyxia.

So yeah – I know – Ony-10 is probably the most raider-lite of raider-lite raids, but it is *is* a raid and my newly minted Resto-Shammy was geared up and ready to go.  In typical fashion I was online early – flasked up – and standing around outside the summoning stone wondering where everybody was.  I spent some quality time tossing lava bursts at wandering dragonkin and hoping an alliance player would zone in flagged as they so often do.

No such luck.

Ten minutes goes by…the raid leader is nowhere to be seen so one of the officers picks up the slack and starts to invite.  Cool – so far so good.  I nuke a couple more dragonkin and take solace in the raid chat scrolling by.

Twenty minutes goes by…we’re now about 15 minutes past our regular pull time.  I take a moment to peruse the folks in the raid.  Hmmmm….with half of our ten slots filled – I was the only healer.  The guild tanks – and I mean *all* of the guild tanks were chain running heroics together and were not accepting invites.  I look for one of our other regular healers – she’s on her ret-pally and has no plans to switch over.  The rest are melee dps and one lone warlock.  Virtually everyone that accepted the raid invitation is online – but playing a different character and ignoring the calls to action.

So we start taking anyone that’s geared enough and start filling slots.

Ten more minutes trickle by…so – still just 1 healer – no tanks – and wall to wall plate dps.  The guild tanks (who had claimed two of them would break off an take care of tank duties) have moved from Halls of Reflection to CoS – they’re ignoring guild chat again.

Then the real hammer comes down.  Someone mentions that Oculus is bugged and that the Battered Hilt is dropping as loot from Eregos’ chest at some absurdly high rate.  A call is made to start chain farming the instance *all night long*.

(LOL – whut?)

Two death knights immediately drop from the raid to answer the call.

I look at the time again – we’re almost 45 minutes past go-time.  Our guild leader – who I should note – had resigned his post as main tank a few weeks earlier out of disgust at ongoing guild raid drama is ready to call it.  He needs to farm dailies for money.

So – with more than a little bit of irritation built up – I call the raid and disband it.

“This is a waste of fucking time, we’re not serious about getting this done.  People aren’t showing up – and every tank in the guild is in the same group farming heroics,” I say over guild chat.

Things go really quiet.

Just about everyone is used to me being the guild care-bear.  After all, I’m the even tempered guy – the one that likes to help people out.  I’m usually the guy that guild members come to when they want no-nonsense help with their characters or when they’ve got something they need to vent about.  Helping people and training the new fish have always been parts of my job in the military – and it’s always been natural for me to pick it up in game.

But tonight – I’m pissed.

I had about an hour to play.  More than enough time for any reasonable guild to take 10 people – buff up and kill a boss like Ony.  Hell – an hour is more than enough time to wipe 2-3 times in the process because the dps can’t hold off before hitting the whelps at the beginning of phase 2 – or because a tank loses Ony’ during a fear allowing her to turn and cleave half the raid.

Plenty of time.

Instead of enjoying that hour, I spent the bulk of my available gaming time for the evening, waiting around at the meeting stone while people who had signed up – were refusing to *show up*.

Now – I’ve been in this horde guild for a *long* time.  They are admittedly *very* casual.  Yet one thing we had all agreed on some months back was to use the calendar and to honor the calendar.  The intent had been so that we could raid *together*.  Prior to using the calendar, guildies were pugging raids because they assumed the guild wasn’t going to commit to organizing a run of its own.  This of course was effectively cock-blocking any hope of a guild run taking shape – too many of the geared 80’s were locked.

Now – the folks I know on the Alliance side (Veritas on Moon Guard and Forge over on Twisting Nether) use the calendar to good effect.  Elionene from over at Good Morning Azeroth is a regular raid leader for Veritas.  Normally if I signed up for a raid on Sunday – I’d know 100% if I had a slot or not in 24-48 hours.  If I *did* have a slot – *great* – I’d show up with the appropriate bells on.  If I *didn’t* have a slot – *great* – at least I *knew* and I could go on about my business and plan my time accordingly.

On the horde side of things – well – the only thing we seem to be able to get straight is the *day* we’re going to raid.  Who shows up – and when they show up continues to be a serious problem.

It wasn’t always that way.  But that too – is a story for another day.


2 Responses to “The Inflexible Me”

  1. Elionene January 7, 2010 at 17:57 #

    Hey! I got a shout out! And a good one too, woot! Thanks Rain, and man, we miss you over here in Veritas. Sorry about the trouble you’re having horde side. I wish I could offer some advice, but it would just boil down to finding a group of people that can make it happen, and a raid leader to pull it together. Scheduling can be a pain, but it’s worth it when you make it into a raid and kick some dragon tail.

    And chain running Oculus for battered hilts? Did that actually bear fruit, or was it a wild goose chase? Sounds fishy to me.

  2. Windpaw January 7, 2010 at 18:31 #

    Sadly – I have no idea – I signed off shortly after disbanding the raid. My temper was pretty bad and not all of it was the guild’s fault. Better for me to head out for the evening than start breaking more china.

    The guy that made the claim about the hilt in Oculus has a history of playing while more than a little intoxicated. This is a fact known only to a few of us as he’s also one of the most calm, level headed guys in the guild. He’s almost done with his PHD in Theoretical Chemistry – so I’ve really been looking for examples of crazy talk to come out of him as the pressure builds. Maybe the fumes from those theoretical test-tubes are getting to him or something.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to finding out if I get time to log in tonight.

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