Best Hunter in the World…

19 Nov

The guys over at OutDPS have a pretty great interview of Kripparrian on their latest podcast.  I recommend anyone that is of a hunterly mindset to take a listen.

Kripparrian for those of you that don’t know (as I surely didn’t) – puts out more dps than any two hunters you know.  He’s scored the arena gladiator title multiple times and he has more money than all of  your toons combined have ever even dreamed of.  In short – as Euripides claims during the interview – Kripparrian has “won wow”.

But once you get over his ridonkulous dps (in the high 9k territory in many fights) and his incredible cosmic wealth – there’s a great deal to learn and potentially apply to your own game play.

I’m not going to retell a good story so I’ll just send you off to OutDPS for the podcast.  Once you’re done there – take a look at Kripparrian’s YouTube channel.  He’s posted high quality videos of everything from his guilds 25 man heroic take downs of different bosses to how to succeed in the jewelcrafting market of your server.  The videos are well done – very clear – and very useful.  I’m a visual guy – I learn best through a combination of doing and watching others – so these videos are excellent.

Just by following how Kripp’ manages his shot cool downs – when he uses volley and some of his very smooth – very accurate uses of disengage have me looking forward to the next time I’m able to raid.  I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and start applying it.


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