Faction Changing Back

10 Nov

This is a service announcement more than anything else – as I just don’t have time to write more.

The subject: Faction Changing – then Faction Changing *back* to where you started.

Just what happens?

First off – you’re out $30 – again.

Second – things look pretty much like they did before the change – only better.

I fully expected – nay – had *resigned* myself to having to grind my Crusader title back for the 3rd time.  But upon “waking up” in Thunderbluff and taking a quick assessment of things…it was all there.  My Crusader title – all of my previous achievements from the trial of the champions – all of it.


I’d even broken the 1500 quest achievement thanks to the fact that it appears that when they faction changed me back – they simply rolled me back to where I was – and added in everything non faction specific I had completed while exploring the lands of Azeroth on the “pretty” side.

So wow – yeah.  What a relief.

Why did I change back?  Did I come to my senses and realize the Alliance were a bunch of noob-kids?  Hardly.  As usual – I found the folks I met to be pretty much just like the ones on the Horde side.  The crew at Veritas are some of the best I’ve met in game and remind me a lot of the folks I know on Twisting Nether in the guild Forge.  All good people – great players – regardless of faction.

No in this case – I have multiple jobs (civilian and military) – and one of them is getting ready to start taking up a bit more of my time.  Nothing dramatic – no year long vacation to the sand or anything.  Just busy.   I let my guild leader know that I was probably not going to be about a great deal and that I was going to pull Rain’ out until things settled down.  Being a former Infantry guy himself – he understood and sent me on my way with a dwarven blessing and a fine mug of seasonal ale.

Rain’ going back to the Horde side was simply an act of comfort.  I’m comfortable there – I miss it – and with me in and out of the game I want my kids to be able to play on my account.  What I don’t need is one of them doing something unintentionally bone headed and having the guild take the heat for it.  Plus – Rain’ can give them money and heirloom items for their army of alts and my evil spawn prefer the horde for whatever it’s worth.

Anyway – back to the grindstone here – safe travels!


One Response to “Faction Changing Back”

  1. Elionene November 10, 2009 at 18:36 #

    Sad to see you go Rain, but I understand what you’re doing. Thanks for spending time with us in Veritas!

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