The Race Card is the Credit Card…

27 Oct

Race Change is available and that’s cool.  It’s a teensy bit cheaper than Faction Change and the cool down is an incredibly reasonable three days.


Oh…what’s this?  They dropped the faction change cool down to three days as well…

Three days.

I’d expected Rainchaser to give up her night elf trappings once the original 60 day cool down was complete – wrapping her cross faction adventures up with a relieved sigh and quick trip to Thunderbluff to sit and stare across the grand mesas that have been her home for so long.

Yet here I sit – credit card in hand and my heart torn by indecision.

Let’s get this first part straight – I’m not comfortable in Night Elf skin.  I’m just not.  While my very first toon on my very first server on the very first day I logged in to WoW was a male night elf hunter, I have spent so much time wrapped in that body and immersed in that lore that I’m just not happy with it anymore.  As strange as it may sound, the whole problem of not liking who I’m looking at is making it more difficult for me to commit to some of my long term goals for Rain’ such as knocking out her Seeker title or chasing down some of the good old-world achievements before they go away.

So – based on that – it should be easy for me to swipe the credit card and spend a happy afternoon on wolf back enjoying the sunset over Ratchet and an evening of watching the lightning bugs as they dance over the pond in Thunderbluff – right?

Not so much.


Because I really, really like my Alliance guild.  A lot.  They’re a great group of folks – predominately my age and blessed with a reasonable and successful raid schedule.  I’ve seen a ton of content with them in the past 60 days and can only expect things to get better.

So, how can I leave that?  While I love my Horde friends and my old Horde guild (and still hang with them frequently) we all come from completely different worlds and a reasonable raid schedule just doesn’t seem to exist.  I’m sure there are Horde guilds that mirror what I’ve found on the Alliance side – I just haven’t come across them yet – and honestly don’t know if I want to try looking again.  Stumbling across <Veritas> was a happy accident that has brought me only good things.  Why jack with that?

So – I’ve decided that I’m not going to.  Jack with a good thing that is.  At least not for now.  I expected to be in place at least through the regular cooldown (up for Rain’ in early November) and I’m going to commit to that.  What I *might* do though – is try on a different skin.

With a measly three day cool down you can truly swap faces/races and names until your bank account cries for mercy.  What might life be like for Rainchaser in the body of a crusty, black bearded, red blooded dwarf?

Some of this is probably moot.  There’s nothing saying I can’t simply send Rain’ back to the Horde and bring one of my alts over to the Alliance side to spend time with with <Veritas>.  The swap would be incidental to the guild as a whole as they’re well balanced (though somewhat melee heavy – a normal state of affairs for most guilds it seems).  The only thing it would impact is my raiding and my pocket book.

Which might be enough in and of itself.


4 Responses to “The Race Card is the Credit Card…”

  1. Negathle October 27, 2009 at 21:15 #

    You’re still a Tauren in heart, so I can’t begrudge you much.

  2. Windpaw October 27, 2009 at 21:18 #

    key word: much


  3. Zoei October 29, 2009 at 14:21 #

    *grins from ear to ear* Nae words, lad. I have nae words.

  4. Windpaw October 29, 2009 at 15:06 #

    Last night’s guild meeting caught me by surprise, Zoei – guess I’ll be wearing that dwarf costume for a while 😉

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