I Hate that I Love This Death Knight Toon…

9 Oct

Like a lot of folks I’ve been feeling a little beat up in WoW lately.  I don’t get to raid much and my PvP outings (since the faction change) have been less than stellar.  A combination of crappy teammates and an overall dissatisfaction with seeing my lovely Tauren huntress wrapped up in Night Elf skin has just exacerbated everything to the point that I can’t stand entering Arathi Basin without AFKing out after 5 minutes or so.

It’s obvious that burn out is starting to set in.  It was likely burnout that lead me to faction change in the first place.  So with no raids on the schedule for a bit and Marrowstrike still refusing to drop for me in h-ToC ,I took some time out from Rainchaser and contemplated how to spend the evening without disengages and explosive shots to fill the quiet.

On a whim – I rolled an Alliance Death Knight over on Twisting Nether – my old RP-PvP server.  Now, I’ve never managed to do much with a DK – never could finish the starting area quests – they were just – distasteful to me.  When I play the game – I play to be a “good guy” – I want to help people – save people – not slaughter the innocent.  You can laugh – but that’s how I play the game.   Anyway – that all said, I didn’t expect much when I rolled him up.  I figured I’d lose an hour or less and be back to the fishing daily on Rainchaser.

It didn’t work out quite like that though.

First off – I made a dwarven DK – mainly because I’ve never seen a dwarven DK before.  Human, Tauren, Belf and Night Elf aplenty – but never a dwarf.  There’s probably some min-maxer reason for this that I don’t care about – but there you go.

Anyway – so dwarf – black skin, bald head, blood red beard.  Cool.  I worked my way through the starting area quests trying to pay attention to how the class played.  After some trial and error I figured out the rune system (mostly) and have a basic handle on runic power.  Pissed off and burnt out as a hunter it was a novel experience to run around killing Scarlet Crusade folk as the weird hybrid melee / caster that is the Death Knight class.

It wasn’t bad.  I enjoyed the play and after figuring out the rotations and getting into the story line I burnt through the quests and found myself in the big mash up battle between the death knights and Lights Hope Chapel.

Once it was all said and done I entered Stormwind with a completely different kind of respect for fellow DK’s like Koltira Deathweaver and Thassarian.  They weren’t just adhoc death knight NPC’s anymore but allies with a story and some serious resonance.

But what to do next?  Well, what does any brand new level 58 DK with a load of best in slot gear and no real desire to hit Outlands do?  He hits the battlegrounds.

What came next was probably the most satisfying PvP experience I’ve had in a really long time.  Now granted – the 50-59 PvP bracket is just a tad…silly…it tends to be full of first time death knights and a mix of players trying to BG level.  While DK’s aren’t the face roller class they started out as – they’re still extremely powerful.  Higher level characters with good gear and enchants can go toe to toe with a fresh DK – but unless they’re rogues or ret-Pallies it can be a hard fight.

It’s amazing what a perfect storm of abilities death knights bring to the table. Snares, an incredible gap closer, dots, last stand like abilities, pets.  It’s as if Blizzard decided to take every good idea they had in mind for *other* core classes and packed them all inside the death knight.

After 10 games of Warsong Gulch (all wins I might add) I finally logged off (smiling) with that same glutted, satisfied feeling that my blood worms must have after feasting on a level 52 rogue.

Without realizing it I had already written some simple in game backstory for my dark little face melter and thought about keeping him around for PvP leveling and maybe some rep and trade skill farming.

That surprised me.

I didn’t expect this guy to make it out of the starting area – and now I’m entertaining the thought of having him level in the battlegrounds while completing all the low level quests in Eastern Kingdom so that he can level his mining and work toward the Loremaster achievements?


While I doubt this will gain any long term traction for me I have to say that I can see why many players simply shelved their long time mains.  Death Knights are fun.  Serious fun.  I wish like hell that my hunter was still this fun.

And that’s probably what bugs me the most.


5 Responses to “I Hate that I Love This Death Knight Toon…”

  1. Negathle October 9, 2009 at 23:26 #

    It is really crazy how easy the DK class is to master, and also scary how fast they are to level. My DK, abet only 15 levels in her, was my first alt to ever make it to the same continent as my main. I enjoy her, but I won’t be doing much with her.

    As far as the initial quests go, I found the Battle at Light’s Hope Chapel greatly disappointing and anticlimactic. I wanted a great battle for the DK’s souls, a recognition of their internal strength beyond mere puppets of the Lich King, an awaking of the strongest minds through mental struggle for a reward of freedom. But all we got was a half-hearted story of Mograine’s past and then Arthas’ lack of foresight involving holy ground.

    Really, so much of the script behind this expansion is so “everything-but-the-Light-is-not-good-enough”, it annoys me. I posted how Tiron’ little speech when Algalon is defeated struck a nerve. “Pure, cold logic” wouldn’t have *ignored* free will. It would have taken it into calculation and made sure it wouldn’t be a problem. But, no, the authors of this expansion decided that “logic” is bad and the “light” is really the only good. /bitter

  2. repgrind October 10, 2009 at 14:01 #

    Rather than turn into a nelf, my lovely tauren huntress is pretty much just retired. She’s got her violet proto-drake, BM still sucks, and she has no one to play with anymore Hordeside. I miss her sometimes, but …she was my first toon, and Tauren IS who she is.

    I have also been … less than pleased … with the Alliance’s lack of pvp ability. I’m trying to gear my mage up for arena, but holy cow, we almost never win WG, and BGs aren’t that much better.

    I have been working on a new DK myself, he’s 2/3 done with the starting zone on a PvP server. I’m planning on trying out the 50’s BGs as soon as he graduates.

  3. Stupid Mage October 13, 2009 at 18:09 #

    That is awesome to hear, I hope you enjoy the Journey.

  4. Zoei October 19, 2009 at 17:13 #

    Very happy you’re having fun 🙂 I’ve been scarce myself lately… Busy with the (now) 68 orc shammy on Stormrage, and the numerous lowbies sprinkled all over the place. I think, at last count, there were 6 hunters, 3 locks, and at least 2 priests. Just can’t seem to stick with dailies, and just don’t want to raid. Blergh. Sounds like you’ve found your sweet spot, and may I find mine soon too!

  5. Kaylaura November 10, 2009 at 15:44 #

    Ah, I missed seeing you – most of us still use the phammer channel – drop in and visit when you’re DK’ing 🙂

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