Icecrown Idiocy….

6 Oct

Okay – Blizzard released some info on the Icecrown Raid.  It sounds *awesome* – everything that is – but this:

As they continue their ascent, the Alliance and Horde heroes ultimately end up outside of the citadel where their hatred for one another erupts into a battle for dominance over the Rampart of Skulls. Players will join in battle alongside High Overlord Saurfang on the Orgrim’s Hammer gunship or Muradin Bronzebeard on The Skybreaker in a unique encounter. Each faction will protect its gunship and try to destroy the other one in a back-and-forth battle to see who is truly worthy of facing the Lich King.


While I’m sure the fight will be epic and I’ll enjoy it when I get to do it – from a story point of view I can’t think of anything stupider than two factions that have aligned in the past to try and tear one another apart when they’re at the Lich King’s doorstep.

Seriously – any leader that allows this to happen deserves to die in a fire and *not* be mourned.  Piss – poor – pathetic – pandering bullshit.

Muradin and Saurfang aren’t idiots – why would they let something like this happen?  What value does it provide?  Personally I figure someone just wanted an excuse to do an airship battle (which is cool!) – but not like this.

Maybe there’s a reason buried deeper in the instance but at the moment it just smells bad.


One Response to “Icecrown Idiocy….”

  1. durkonkell October 8, 2009 at 14:20 #

    None of the current Alliance/Horde hostility makes any sense. I suspect someone at Blizzard arbitrarily decided that there needed to be more conflict in the game.

    When you’re fighting for your very right to exist against a foe who absorbs your defeated warriors into his own ranks and victory seems not at all certain, isn’t it a really bad idea to open up a second front? Instead of working together, we now blast ourselves to bits in the skies over Icecrown Citadel for the right to… hurl ourselves at the Lich King in what is likely a suicide mission?

    You bring up a point I hadn’t considered: If Varian and Garrosh were commanding the two gunships, I can see how conflict could erupt immediately. Muradin and Saurfang? They probably don’t like each other that much, but they’re not imbeciles.

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