Productive – Sorta

21 Sep

So things have been pretty entertaining with the new guild.  This weekend was filled with Brewfest (obviously) as well as the normal host of dailies, heroics, assorted rep grinds and fishing oriented silliness that seem to make up my gaming lately.

Because I am an achievement whore I had a lot to smile about since it appears that many of my new comrades in arms are as well.  We all met up this weekend and had a great time tearing through the following:

Gruul is easy stuff at 80 – but fun to go back to if for no other reason than to pay the big dude back for all of the pain and suffering at 70.  With a lot of time still on our hands we promptly headed to Hellfire Penn. and took care of some other business:


Mags was a fight I never got to do in the old days so this was a good time.  Once again – really quick – I don’t think anyone even bothered to click on the cubes.  Just didn’t have to worry about it.  Because we *still* had a ton of time left and everyone was enjoying themselves we headed back into Vanilla WoW to say hello to Onyxia and borrow some scales.

I can’t wait for 3.2.2 and the *real* return.  My pet probably could have solo’d the old girl in her current state.  With plenty of scales in hand and a brand new bag courtesy of Mags’ we all headed back to Dalaran to make Onyxia Scale Cloaks.  These were important for our next trip down memory lane:


This was an old school blast from the past.  I got reintroduced to the fun of the suppression rooms and my kids were absolutely thrilled at the sheer number of dragons we laid waste to in one 24 hour period.  Getting to do UBRS again to take care of attuning guildies with new toons was fun too.

Along the way – I picked this up – the one title I doubt I will ever wear:


It was fun and all – the whole 6 seconds it took us to do it – but well – yeah…

After the smoke cleared (and I repaired my rifle after Nefarian broke it!) we picked our raid up and went over to Netherstorm where we capped our weekend off by kicking Kael and his cronies right in the junk.  There is really nothing more satisfying than killing Blood Elves – lots of them – there really isn’t.

With Kael’ down and some brief entertainment had by watching him talk smack to the Naaru in Shattrath, we called it a night and moved on to other important stuff, like learning how to track fish and jumping off high places while stupid drunk.

(Watching people lawn-dart themselves while trying for Drunken Stupor just never gets old.)

Now – this was all great – I loved the quick old world raids and had a great time being a pirate and drinking way too much beer.  The crowning achievement for the weekend though was finally soloing the Tiger Boss in Zul’Gurub.   No Tiger drop – but I’m confident I’ll see it.  Just a matter of time 😉


2 Responses to “Productive – Sorta”

  1. Kaylaura September 22, 2009 at 15:56 #

    Tiger boss! Drool! Sounds like lots of fun Seq 😀

  2. windpaw September 24, 2009 at 14:54 #

    Getting that fight right took a bit – but I think I’ve got it down to a science now. Finished off the Raptor and Snake boss yesterday as well. ZG reset this morning – so it’s off for another try tonight!

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