The Busy Never Stops

15 Sep

Between work, commute, family time, Army Reserve and now 12 semester hours of school piled on top of everything else – my busy has its boots on and is stomping the guts out of me.

That said – I’ve found a new guild on Moon Guard and I have to say they seem to be a fun lot.  We’re still in the awkward stages with one another right now so we’ll see how things pan out.  The good is that they’re a more mature lot (the traditional meaning – not the pejorative) and they’re focused.  Most of the raiders have the Undying title and I watched with a fair amount of envy as their A-Team routed much of Ulduar and worked its way through ToC-10.

For myself I’ve only managed to nab a couple runs with them.  Both were fun though:


Koralon is actually a pretty fun fight (when done with folks that know how to stay out of the fire…)  It was the guild’s first try on this boss and we downed him on round two.  The first shot was spent reminding folks about the pillars of flame.  If we hadn’t have lost too many dps in the first try we would have had him.  The second try went flawlessly.  The rest of VoA went down in one shots as well.

Later this past weekend we also did this:


The guild is RP based and is centered around a society of explorers and knowledge seekers.  You’ll find the whole crew wandering through BC and vanilla raids on a regular basis in order to expand on the guild’s shared story.

I have high hopes.  Just wish I had more time!


3 Responses to “The Busy Never Stops”

  1. Kaylaura September 16, 2009 at 20:56 #

    That last sounds lovely – I’d love it if our guild wandered through the old instances just for fun 🙂

  2. Windpaw September 16, 2009 at 21:45 #

    A group ran through Molten Core last night as well and last Sunday was AQ-40. They’re big achievement buffs which I absolutely love. The sucky thing is that most of them have known each other for 2 years or more and they already have their own cliques well established. Being new meat means that I’m on the outside looking in at a lot.

    The thing that this guild seems to really have nailed is keeping the experience fun. When we’re in a raid, vent is quiet except for coordination. Loot rules are simple and the potential for drama seems to be mitigated. Plus – they are very selective about who even gets an interview (and there is an interview) prior to a guild invite. This puts pressure on the guild leaders to “hire right the first time” – but arguably saves them a lot of stress down the road.

    How’s life on TN these days?

  3. Elzandra September 21, 2009 at 04:15 #

    *waves* TN is as usual for me. Rovan and I needed a break, so we rolled some Horde and Alliance on Wyrmrest Accord. I go back to Elz every few days (because I always end up missing her). I have seen Kay and *gasp* Levi around a bit, too! He thinks we should get the PH crowd together when The Old Republic comes out and reguild. I like it.

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