Faction Change

3 Sep

Is here.

All of the server problems and extended maintenance drama this week had the smell of something larger than a weekly clean up and reboot.  I kinda had the feeling that Blizzard was jacking up the foundation of the game and sliding something new underneath.  I’m not sure if anyone not in the IT industry can imagine how agonizing that can really be or how much sleep the systems guys/gals at Blizzard probably lost this week.

But – it’s here and if you dance your browser over to THIS PAGE you can see just how all of your mounts, pets, spells, reputations and achievements are going to change.

Nothing is really a surprise – but there are a few things that made me grin.  One of the best is the “mapping” between races that the developers did in order to quantify what city reputation matched up with the opposing factions.   Some of them make sense – some of them….well….you’ll see.

  1. Stormwind -> Ogrimmar
  2. Exodar -> Silvermoon
  3. Gnomergan -> Thunderbluff (whut?)
  4. Darnassus -> Undercity (…)
  5. Ironforge -> Darkspear Trolls

Pretty much everything after Gnomergan caught me off guard.  The fact that the Gnomes and the Tauren are somehow brethren at a root code base understood and mandated by Blizzard alone is pretty funny.  Maybe that’s why so many Tauren feel compelled to punt every Gnome they meet.  The animosity and embarassment is strong.  It has to be, it’s written in – deep down – in the binary.

** Note – I’ve been playing with the system – ends up – these mappings shift about depending upon the actual change you want to request.  So if I were to take Tigerclaw and turn her into a human warrior – the mappings are actually slightly different!

Anyway – the only other thing that I had been wondering about had to do with my Venomhide Ravasaur mount.  I was curious about what Blizzard would do with how that mount mapped in the transfer from Horde to Alliance.  Really the only thing that you could compare it to is the other faction specific mount, the Winterspring Frostsaber.  But when I think about the lazy 20 day set of dailys I accomplished to get that lovely green-gray raptor with the big underbite I feel a bit of what must be acute rage simmering from the other side of the faction fence.  I know people that did the old school grind for the Frostsaber.  It took them months of hard work.  Even now with reputation gains nerfed into something reasonable I’d bet that the average grind for the frosty cat takes a fair bit longer.

So – I guess I can see where that particular decision makes sense – I just wonder at its expediency.  I’m sure there’s a great deal of drama over it on the official forums….(somewhere….)

The big question though is this:  With faction change *here* – what are you going to do about it?

Do you  have alts languishing away on some forgotten server  you’d like to see join your mains?  Are you bored with your current faction?  A little of both?

For myself – I’m kinda mixed.  I have a couple of much loved toons over on Twisting Nether (Alliance) that I’d like to bring over to the Horde.  They’re my earliest characters and they could really use some TLC.  At the same time – it might be kinda neat to have one of my current Horde 80’s migrate over to the Alliance side – just to test the waters before Cataclysm.  Have some badges and hierloom items available … you know …

Just in case 😉


3 Responses to “Faction Change”

  1. Morane September 3, 2009 at 18:06 #

    When my server, Cairne, came up in February last year (2008) I created alts for all races and classes. Over the past 18 months I’ve gradually got rid of all but two of the Alliance alts I created. Those are the two that got the furthest: A level 65 Draenei Paladin (Larma) and a level 45 druid.

    Since my main hit 80 I’ve really not played them at all. When I had a half-hour to spare I’d jump on one of my Horde side alts. It just seemed more efficient to take advantage of Morane. I still miss my pally though, she was just incredibly rock-solid.

    So I’ll definitely be moving Larma over to the Horde. I don’t know about the druid. I might trash her and roll a troll druid at Cataclysm.

  2. Morane September 4, 2009 at 15:46 #

    Well I swapped Larma last night, but at $30 per switch the druid is toast.

  3. Windpaw September 4, 2009 at 15:58 #

    Yeah – the price is certainly a problem. Combined with the $25 realm transfer fee and you’re starting to talk about real money if you’re just wanting to transfer some alts.

    For myself – I’ve just been staring at my characters and wondering what to do. Part of me wants to try Rain’ on the other side of the faction fence just so I can experience some of the Alliance quest lines. Another part of me cringes at the thought.

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