27 Aug

lilguyRainchaser finished the Venomhide Raptor Mount questline the other day.  It was fun – if a bit light.  I kind of expected a multi-month grindathon that had me watching my little venomhide hatchline level up to 60 or something.  Instead – he started really small and made it up to German Shepherd size before suddenly becoming ridable.  Having this “exta” pet (one that could run along side of me while I was on my ground mount) made me nostalgic for the old days before flying mounts.  Having my pet run beside me while I’m mounted  has always been something I really enjoyed.  Here’s to hoping that Blizzard see’s fit to give it back to us one day.

If you haven’t done it – the Venomhide Raptor Mount Questline starts in Un’Goro and takes around 20 days to complete.  It’s not hard.  Just more dailies – and simple ones at that.  The hardest part of the entire process is when you’re required to build up an immunity to the venom these rare raptors are covered in.  That means they need to bite you.  A lot.

In the early days of 3.2 you could cruise through Un’Goro and see people standing around naked with 3 or 4 Venomhides beating the crap out of them.

The *catch* is that to successfully get the needed 20 stacks of  poison – you have to hit back since the poison won’t proc unless you’re hitting the raptor too.  You’ll end up killing a few raptors – so be patient.  Most of the early raptor hunters are already through with this part of the quest so you won’t be like Rainchaser – desperately running around the jungle looking for a Venomhide that hasn’t already been aggro’d.

You don’t need to get naked for this quest – but if you’re level 70-80  it’s best to only use weapons that you have virtually no current skill in.  After all, a level 80 smaking a level 50 raptor around doesn’t bode well for the raptor.   A lot of folks end up going unarmed or use their jousting lances.

So – if you’re like the naked Blood Elf Death Knight I saw standing around for half an hour with a pack of raptors beating the crap out of him. Do yourself a favor.

Hit back.


One Response to “Venomhide”

  1. Negathle August 27, 2009 at 19:46 #

    I got my Venomhide mount the other day. I rather like it, though most I’ve talked with professed disappointment that it didn’t more distinctive.

    How I got my poisons: Got two or three, stripped naked, punched them down, then feigned before they died. Rinse and repeat!

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