Glory of the Raider

12 Aug

136167So when I feel like life isn’t dishing out enough abuse I stroll over to the World of Warcraft official forums and dive in.  It’s a mix of wanting to see what folks are talking about and a morbid interest in seeing just how crappy complete strangers can be to one another.   Anyway –  I came across a post in the Achievements forum where some folks were trying to make the argument that the Proto-Drakes that were rewarded for things like Glory of the Raider should still be avaliable to players capable of accomplishing the feat.

Blizzard’s reasoning for removing the mount rewards has to do with the fact that with gear from places like Ulduar and ToC, the challenge faced by far better geared raids wouldn’t necessarily be worth one of the uber rare 310% speed mounts.


The arguments for and against this are loud, long and filled with level 1 forum troll alts.

The camps are split up pretty much like this:

Those That Have The Drake


Those That Don’t

For the “Haves” – you’re dealing with some really solid players that are not only accomplished gamers, but also have the time commitment and 10-25 other disciplined guild members that were hell bent on accomplishing the meta-achievement before the clock ran out.  These players are at the top of their game and more than a few of them probably have a permanent twitch from all the times people died during the Heigan Dance while their guild was trying to finish off The Undying.

For the “Have Nots” – it’s a mixed bag.  You have the rest of us of course – the happy 80% of Blizzard’s world that for whatever reason just aren’t there yet.  The gap here in the Have Nots is pretty huge though.  You have extremely competent players that under better circumstances (or a more focused guild) could have gotten one of the drakes all the way down to people that simply joined the game too late or who were still trying to gear up when the clock stopped and the drakes were put away.

The Haves are pretty much in lockstep with Blizzard when it comes to why they think things are just fine the way they are.  There was a standard and a time to get it all done.  Anything after that hard line will be tainted because the gear available to guilds in Ulduar and ToC would simply make the whole meta achievement pointless.

The Have Nots have a handful of arguments that if maybe not worthy of a Black Proto-Drake are at least worth mentioning here.  The most intriguing of these is the fact that while gear does indeed make a difference – what it doesn’t do is keep people alive during the Heigan Dance or any of the countless ways you can kill yourself during a boss fight.  To them, gear is great – but it’s not the whole picture.

We’ll call this the: “No amount of gear is going to keep you alive if you’re not smart enough to get out of a void zone” defense.

If you’ve raided at all, it’s easy to be sympathetic to this argument and there are more than a few “Haves” that will at least give this some nodding acceptance.  But is it worth a drake?

The other argument that tends to pop up from the “Have Nots” comes from those players that simply missed the bus. Maybe they just started playing – or maybe they were still gearing in heroics when the wall came down. Either way there are a number of great players and solid guilds out there that *could* have finished the achievement if they’d simply been able to jump in on things when everyone else did.  According to them, if they could clear the meta while wearing Nax ilevel gear then the accomplishment is just as valid and it should render any content enforced time limit moot.

Some Haves will give this a shrug and a “maybe” as well – but the greater number will simply remind the Have Nots that the Ulduar drakes are still available and they need to put a sock in the whine machine and start hitting Glory of the Ulduar Raider as hard as they can.

So where do you stand?  The “Glory” meta-achievements are big and they require a concerted effort between guilds and guild members that  leaves very little room for the uncommitted.  Players have left beloved guilds to pursue these achievements or abandon friends and family to simply get a shot at completing them.  They are not for the weak of heart and they are not for the average player.

But are they too much?



3 Responses to “Glory of the Raider”

  1. Negathle August 13, 2009 at 04:10 #

    I think you know where I stand – and I don’t even have one.

    They take away the gear from the hard cores, substituting achievements and titles instead. Pretty soon all it will be is a nice pat on the back for getting instances cleared first and completing difficult metas. The only motivation will be “because they can” and that’s a limited source of motivation in the long run.

    I’ve said it before, I wish people could have equal opportunity for every single facet of this game, but in reality, it’s just not possible. If people just come late to the game, that’s just life. You missed the boat, I’m sorry. Better luck next time, if not this expansion, than the next, just like the rest of us. What makes them the exception?

  2. Windpaw August 13, 2009 at 14:51 #

    Yup – I think where our opinions diverged when it came to the mark based gear rewards that swept in with 3.2 – they’re likely to meet up here. While I’m a big believer in titles and achievements I think things like the rare Proto-Drakes are a great to provide that little bit extra incentive to the really dedicated raiders.

    There will be some newer, niftier thingy that will come along in a future patch and with luck (and if obtaining this level of play is truly your thing) then you will have geared and guilded appropriately.

    If you’re serious – you’ll do what’s required to fill up your Proto-Drake dance card with all the appropriate achievements. If you’re not…well – who’s fault is that?

  3. Morane August 13, 2009 at 16:23 #

    Sort of devils advocate reply – meaning I’m not really proposing this.

    But if Blizzard is going to be consistent about this they should remove the achievements for the low level stuff as well. Run Deadmines by the time you hit level 25 or you don’t get the achievement. Ever.

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