Hunter PvP Today…

11 Jun

There are few things that will color your WOW time with more frustration than trying to PvP at 80.  The problems of resilience (you need a lot) – your fellow players (they can be kinda dumb) – and the flavor of the month death dealers (I’m looking at you Death Knights and Paladin) can make you wonder why anyone would willingly jump into the battlegrounds or Arena.

But that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  Almost exclusively.

Now don’t get me wrong – I *love* PvP, but it’s been a frustrating couple of weeks.

First off – I’m a hunter.  While survival hunters packing the sadly defunct Glyph of Aspect of the Monkey a crab pet and some reasonable kiting skills enjoyed a brief period of dominance in the Arena, that time has gone.  After a record 18 nerfs in one patch and seeing many of their key kiting abilities minimized and their damage output drained, competitive PvP hunters really started to fall by the wayside.  By the end of season six, hunters were the least represented class in the top 100 arena teams as measured by WoW Reports.

Now – I’m no arena junky.  In fact – Rainchaser has yet to even step into the arena so it’s really hard for me to comment on the classes representation.  Worse, Rain’ currently lives in the Emberstorm Battlegroup – which – to put it bluntly – sucks.  I guess if I wanted to do serious PvP – I should have picked something other than an RP server eh?

That said, I can see where hunters are feeling like they’re being forced to suffer unduly.  It’s brutal out there.  In one on one fights with a paladin or a death knight, hunters are finding that each of these melee classes have a viable answer to a hunters need to kite.  Worse – rogues that catch you before you catch them are absolute death on wheels.  According to several long time hunter PvP’ers I’ve spoken to, if a rogue gets the drop on them – they simply wait to die.  The rogue simply has more tools available to keep a hunter rooted in place than the hunter does to get away.

Now some of this may be moot.  Blizzard has long argued that their PvP system is not geared around a 1v1 fights, but instead around a team environment.  I think this is valid and even visible when I look at Rain’s performance in battlegrounds where she has the support of teammates.  The problem is, most of us tend to base our classes viability on situations where we’re fighting for our life against one other player.  If more and more of those fights find you dusting yourself off and admiring how your killer managed to tattoo “LOL” on your ass – well – that can be hard to take.

So what’s left? Gear and practice, practice, practice.

So far Rain has managed to pick up 4/5 of the Hateful Gladiator pieces through honor grinding.  The extra health and resilience *help* – but they by no means make her feel as invincible as some of the melee classes I butt into on a regular basis.  I’ve also made a point of embarrassing myself pretty frequently in world PvP in the hopes of bettering my performance.  This consists of heading into Wintergrasp between games and picking fights.  All of these fights have been 1v1 endeavors and I have to say – I’m losing more than I’m winning.

No – I don’t suck.  Yes – I could be better.  Yes – some of these fights are undoubtedly against people far better geared or packing a class that nicely counters a hunter.  But that’s the point isn’t it?  To learn to kill these guys I have to fight them – learn their tricks and find ways to counter them.  Running around a mob of Alliance at the Lumber Mill, tab targeting and waiting for Kill Shot to light up may *feel* good – but it says nothing about your ability to fight.

So far – Paladins while deadly – are getting a good tangle out of me.  Figure about a 50/50 success ratio.  Druids – 1v1 – unless they’re really crappy ferals – forget it.  Fighting a resto is just ridiculous – they just heal through all of my damage and whittle me down with moonfire and bugs.  It’s always a long fight and it seems like their mana never seems to go away – no matter how much I try to drain it.  Shaman?  No real problems to report.  Death Knights.  It’s a mixed bag.  Against a really well geared DK that knows his business.  They’ll ROFLSTOMP me.  Death Grip seems to have an almost infinite range and if I’m not gripped back into melee, then chains of ice ensures that I’m snared to the point of near immobility.  Disengage and Deterrence help here – but against a DK in plate with 27 or 28k health – who has a pet and a ranged attack?

Game over man.

Rogues and (disc) Priests?  I won’t talk about them.  It’s just too hard.  Warriors?  Now that the majority of them are Arms and wetting themselves over having Juggernaut, it’s a lot harder than it used to be.  Between the hamstrings and (against good warriors that know how to stance dance over to intercept when charge is on cool down) – it’s a tough fight.  Speaking as a long time PvP warrior – I used to eat hunters alive back before Juggernaut – so now – it’s open season on people with pets.

So – I know I need more resilience.  700 seems to be the target to hit these days.  I don’t keyboard turn and I am most certainly *not* a clicker.  And I practice.  It’s still *hard*.  I’ll keep at it though – but expect me to vent a little about it while I do.

From time to time things go *really well* – watching a plate wearer suddenly turn tale and run from you is *very* satisfying.  Watching your Kill Shot arc after him and smack him down at max range – even more so.  When the gods of Kite are smiling and I’ve got room to run – playing a hunter in PvP can be a very rewarding experience.  But damn – there are a lot of bumps and stumbles along the way.

To help this out I’ve been trying to find any Hunter PvP help I can out on the greater web.  What I do find – I’ll share here.  One of the better pieces I’ve found is BarnabyJonez’ Beast Mastery PvP help guide over on the WOW forums.  While I PvP as Survival – there’s a lot to like about pulling out the big red tenacity pet – check it out and see what you think.

Anyone else have any pointers they’d like to share?


7 Responses to “Hunter PvP Today…”

  1. Chawa June 12, 2009 at 15:44 #

    PVP? I love it! Even if I am absolutely horrible at it – there is something about it that is quite addicting. And so, I shall happily die a hundred more deaths in battlegrounds.

    Of course, I do want to improve. So any tips you find, I’ll be happy to see. I’m trying to give up my keyboard turning limp …

  2. Negathle June 13, 2009 at 03:06 #

    Confession: I still keyboard turn. I’m trying to break myself of the habit, but it is very difficult, particularly since I’m a life-long straffer.

    Once I get done with graduation, I have plans to write up a MM PvP post, though I would much rather just find a life-long MM PvP blogger. Afterall, I’m only an amateur.

  3. curader June 22, 2009 at 07:46 #

    All right so I’m throwing it out there.If you want to pvp as a hunter then you have to go BM…Its the only chance you have against rogues who catch you off guard,and locks that are fear happy. Beast within is your friend in BG’s no matter what you come up against….As far as beating DK’s well I’m at a lost.Every once in a while I will come against a shity one that thinks he can do some thing and i can win but on the norm its escape to live.Your best shot is this.When you get pulled pop deteance drop trap(i use snake)disengage this is about the time they like to throw a ice chains your way so when they do pop beast within scatter shot…Try to avoid steady and aim shots in BG’s since they take up to much time and gives that OP dk a chance to close the ground…If you get lucky and have a healer around you can win every time……..But i do bring some hope to all you pvp hunter’s…the next patch will be nerfing ret pally’s and we will be able to have one of every type of trap out at one which means 3traps at one time so that should help alittel…

  4. Strutt June 23, 2009 at 13:35 #

    I am MM speced for PvP and never had had to many problems with DK’s, most are very predictable. Also I with all do respec to all you BM hunters out there, I honestly dont hink I have ever been beat by one in PvP, on a 1v1.

  5. Strutt June 23, 2009 at 13:39 #

    Pallys on the other hand, as soon as i see them if I dont have a healer or another person with me I run… far.

  6. Negathle June 26, 2009 at 01:38 #

    Agreed with Strutt – most DKs are highly predictable. Death Grip? Deterrence. Chains of Ice? Master’s Call. Then proceed to kite them to death.

    Ret Pallies on the other hand… I just dance with them. Nothing else to do.

  7. Negathle June 26, 2009 at 01:40 #

    Er, not Deterrence, I mean Disengage. Too many ‘d’ abilities…

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