I Hate Death Knights…

13 May

fluffydowThought that might get your attention….

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not usually a hater – I just don’t care for the class.  Do I think they have a lot of utility?  Sure.  Do I have a lot of friends that play DK’s and do so with the same careful attention to detail and professionalism they bring to any other class in the game.


I still can’t bring myself to like them.  Not sure if I have a “real” reason why.  

A lot of folks would probably point to this post and say:

“You don’t like DK’s because we ROFLSTOMP you in the battlegrounds or arena.”

Which for a while was probably true.  Against a really good DK player with some hawt gear – most classes will end up in the grave yard while the Death Knight spams his /hug emote.  But honestly – a lot of folks would say the same thing about hunters or rogues back in the vanilla or BC days.  After getting used to fighting DK’s and picking up on their normal chain of attacks (Death Grip -> lol -> cover me in diseases -> chains of ice if I run) – I’ve found that I can disengage and depend on a combination of Masters Call and PvP trinket to keep myself at range through all of the DK’s snares.  A lot DK’s I’ll manage to kite and burst to death.  The rest – it really comes down to how much health and resilience they have.  If they have more (and a lot do) – I’ll end up saying hello to the spirit healer at some point and start over.  The point though – is that they’re no longer the boogyman they once were.  I’ll happily hunt a DK in Wintergrasp if they happen to be in a zone I need for Wintergrasp Ranger.

Are they still overpowered?  In my opinion – yeah – but it’s not awful.  Or maybe it is – check out this guys post.

That said – between the all the RP Mary Sues running Blood Elf Death Knights and sheer number of DK’s that infect each server I think I may be simply suffering from overload.  Maybe when the next hero class comes out or when Death Knights finally taste the nerf bat good and hard – I’ll get over it.


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