I Quiver…

17 Apr

side-quiver This post is brought to  you today by “The Angry Butterfly” – Negs wrote a great piece about the loss of her ammo bag and the slow but sure dumbification of WOW.  It’s a great read and the inspiration for my own rambling today.

First off – all the hunters around here now know that they no longer need their quiver right?


You’ve taken it off your bag bar haven’t  you?  You haven’t?  WHAT?  SRSLY?  Hey – look up here at my angry-eyes – not at the ground!  Hunter, you’ve been given a great gift you know that?  You now have a whole new bag slot!  More room for loot! More room for craftable stuff!  More room for your arrows….

Yeah – your arrows go in those same bags.  Yeah – that’s kinda lame, I agree.  Oh sure, they they stack better – you get a 1000 arrows a stack – but it’s still kinda lame.  Makes me feel sorta like an old school Warlock without the whole death/fear thing.

Still though – this is a good!  Extra bag space!  Arrows stack to 1000!


Yes I know that means you can put like 28,000 arrows in your quiver now.

But don’t do that.

Why would you do that?  Have you added up how much that would COST?  What about the BAG?  You get another BAG!


If you haven’t heard the QQ thunder out of the official hunter forums, I’ll tell you for free that the hunter community seems fairly underwhelmed with Blizzards latest change to our class and not surprisingly we all seem underwhelmed for different reasons.

If you check with the Slow Wolf – he’s peeved about the cost of hunter ammo.  Yeah – the cost.  Didn’t think about that did you?  It’s always been a part of our hunterly equation, the fact that we have to buy arrows for our bows and bullets for our guns.  Makes sense.  Gotta have something to shoot right?

Well – what about that sappy Dual Spec Arms Warrior over there on the corner?  You see him?  Yeah – the big guy – the one that’s been giggling and bouncing back and forth between his Arms Spec and Prot Spec all morning.  You don’t see him having to shell out for new swords or axes every couple of days do you?  Never seen him stop in the middle of an instance and say:

“Sry doods – I’m all out of two-handed mace – I need to go back to Ogrimmar and get moar.”

Just doesn’t happen.  Yet hunters have been happily shelling out cash to buy ammunition since level 1.

When I first heard this argument I thought that Klinderas had been chewing the wrong leaves again.  Then I did some math.  If I add up my lifetime expenditures for ammunition I’d have a nice tidy sum that could help me finally buy my epic flyer training…..Sure -this is based on the lifetime of my toon – but it’s money that everyone else gets to keep.  Warriors and the like don’t have to spend cash for their auto attacks – we do.

Money aside, other hunters are mad because they thought we were going to get some kind of infinite ammo buff (a bad idea IMHO) or maybe a ranged weapon slot that we could stack ammo in.

That last bit was what I was hoping for.  I’d get my bag space back – but I’d also get some kind of totem or “quiver” slot on my character sheet.  That slot would allow me to equip a series of potentially better quivers available through drops or crafting.  Instead of the generic 15% haste afforded to our ranged ability we could pick and choose based on spec the best type of “quiver” for our character.

I still really like that idea.  It addresses the dubmification that Negs dislikes and gives our characters back an intergral part of the hunter persona.

While I doubt that we’ll ever see free ammo, I’m happy enough to keep feeding engineers money for my saronite arrow heads and sending vendor kids to college with my daily purchases of arrows and shot. It’s part of the game now and I’m happy enough to keep on keeping on.

I know Blizz delivered what they did in order to give something to hunters while also meeting deadlines for the rest of 3.1.  There were tons of neat / cool things they could do – but only so much time in the development day.  Bundle in all of the work  they’re doing on other classes as well as the content updates we just got and I think they probably made a balanced decision.

But I still kinda want my quiver back.


6 Responses to “I Quiver…”

  1. Negathle April 17, 2009 at 18:36 #

    I did like the ideal of replacing our ammo with a new relic/totem/libram/idol slot-thing, but no doubt it is a new level of complexity that Blizzard doesn’t want to deal with because they have “better” things to do.

  2. stupid mage April 17, 2009 at 19:58 #

    Warriors may not have to buy more axe, but you don’t have to pay for tank repairs on plate =)

  3. Klinderas April 17, 2009 at 20:11 #

    Maybe, but DPS warriors don’t tank do they?

    The idea is that we pay anywhere between 30-50 gold on some servers for 1000 arrows. That 6-10 gold for 200 arrows, which goes down quick. This is so we can do optimal DPS.

    To be honest, the easiest change would have been to make arrows cost less. The easiest way to do that is by making arrows come in stacks of 1000 and sell for the same price as 200. That would satisfy me completely.

    But this isn’t my blog, and I’m not goign to rant about it here. No sah. =P

    I’m not saying that tanks and other plate wearers have it cheap, but the fact that, on a good run, they spend next to nil and I spend 30-50 gold for bosses alone and another 10-15 gold on trash ammo.

  4. Chawa April 17, 2009 at 20:20 #

    I have unequipped my quiver yes….. except…. I haven’t sold it. My Mag’har Clefthoof Hide Quiver is special to me and even when I had the ability to craft quivers that could hold more ammo, I didn’t bother because there was no additional equipement bonus better than what I had already.

  5. Windpaw April 17, 2009 at 20:49 #

    Hey Chawa – I have that same quiver still 🙂 Unequipped it for the very first time last night >_<

  6. Rilgon Arcsinh April 20, 2009 at 04:02 #

    Warriors may not have to buy more axe, but you don’t have to pay for tank repairs on plate =)

    No, just wipe repairs on mail, which are almost as bad.

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