An Honest Question About Realms…

16 Apr

My toons live on Moon Guard.

For better or worse.

I’ve heard tell that Moon Guard is supposed to be this RP Mecca or something.  I haven’t seen it honestly – but then – despite my penchant for WOW fan fiction, I don’t RP all that much.  I mean, I’m happy to RP with someone if they initiate it, but I don’t go out of my way to look for it.

Oh…to be clear…ERP is not the RP I was looking for.

Yes – I play a female Tauren Hunter / Warrior /Shaman

No I am not female.

You’re thinking: HAWT! – Classy She-Tauren – just like Negs!

When the reality is much more more hairy…So uh…please stop with the /whispers – 0_0

Yeah – lets leave that uncomfortable mental image behind and move on…(please)  The problem that I have stumbled onto is that the only thing I really care for on my server is the fact that all of my toon names were available when I rolled here.


I *do* enjoy casual RP – but honestly – I prefer PvP.  My enjoyment of RP realms tends to come from the open mindedness of the players vs. any real desire to role-play my way through the game.

So where do I find a decent realm with fast battleground queues – a good horde community – and good people?  I’m seriously thinking about going back to an RP-PvP realm or the like simply because it feels more “pure”.  No more getting /whispers from some pissed off level 8 horde alt because they’re mad you ROFLSTOMPED their alliance main in the battlegrounds, or got to some ore / herb / daily quest target before they did.

What realm do you play on?  Why?  What works / doesn’t work for you?  Why would you never leave – or why are you already packing your bags?  Just kinda curious as to what’s prompted your movements around the WOWosphere and what it has taken for you to really find a “home” so to speak.


3 Responses to “An Honest Question About Realms…”

  1. Negathle April 16, 2009 at 23:39 #

    Finding the perfect battlegroup might be impossible. I’ve gone through two, and haven’t like the results either way. But I also find battlegrounds are cyclic – we go through periods of skill and then periods of slacking. I left for spring break with Horde dominating in AB, only to come back 10 days later to find us roflstomped every game.

    I think your idea to go to a RP-PvP realm might be spot on. Even if the queue times are fickle, you’ll have world PvP. I’ve never gone the PvP realm route only because I enjoy my alone time when I farm. I’ve never done the RP realm mainly because my RP in done in my imagination, and that is enough for me. My first realm was under populated Horde side, and I did not like that. Either you were in that one big guild and battled among your peers for a raid spot, or you were not and didn’t see any content. So I moved to an equally as old, but much larger server, and I was happy. I like servers where I can go to town to find it busy, and then go to the wilds of Azeroth and be alone.

    It’s also very interesting to speak with the guys that choose to roll lady Tauren. One of our bear tanks plays one, and he said it’s because it is “easy on the eyes”, which pleases the side of me that values the model for its realistic female expectations. But, on the other hand, I’m sure the ratio of men:women that roll lady Tauren is very low for that same reason 😛

  2. Syrana April 17, 2009 at 01:56 #

    I started on a PvE server – Eitrigg, which is where I am currently. But I wasn’t always there. I wanted to taste PvP where a friend played.. tried that.. didn’t like it so much.

    Then, on a whim, I followed some people to a newish RP-PvP server. I didn’t stick with the guild I rerolled with because I actually enjoyed RPing and they were not really into it. I loved it for the most part. There were some guilds (aren’t their always though?) that were giving the RP community of the server a really bad name. However, I just never felt at home OOCly. When I wasn’t RPing, I wasn’t feeling… I was missing something. Then raid drama and trying to justify an RP guild turning into a raid guild without RP anymore (or rarely) and recruiting non-RPers… it was just too much.

    So, I migrated back to my original realm, where Sideshow was all along anyhow. I packed up my RP-PvP toons and xferred several of them. I joined my current guild, which Sideshow had been with for a few months. And, the guild is -really- what has made me feel at home now.

    Damn, this coulda been a post xD

  3. Klinderas April 17, 2009 at 18:11 #

    I’ve played on Smolderthorn for all my WoW Career, that or Ysondre and they’re both PvP realms.

    I’ve mentioned why I like it before, suffice to say that it’s fun for me and it creates the “convenience” of “removing””Obstacles” that are “in my way”.

    You think that was enough finger waggling?

    The big reason I’m on a PvP server is because my friends used to play on Smolderthorn.

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