Death Knight – Really?

26 Mar

Just a quick question…Have any of you tried a Death Knight yet?  At all?  I rolled one about a month ago and never made it through the intro quests.  I’ve heard from others how great the quest line is and how great DK’s are to play – but – well….


They’re just not for me I guess.

Sure they get some awesome blue hair (can’t beat the blue hair – really) but beyond that and their Darth Vader voices the whole class leaves me cold.  Maybe it’s the death and disease thing that gets me or maybe it’s the fact that every server has like 10,000,000 of them running around death gripping stuff.  Not sure.

I guess I’m just not wired for Death Knights or Warlocks or any of that Blood Elf on Blood Elf RP erotica that seems to haunt every corner of Silver Moon City these days…

Sorry – this post brought to you by random thoughts while Windpaw tries to get off his dead-ass and write more >_<

Vacations make meh lazeh….


5 Responses to “Death Knight – Really?”

  1. Morane March 26, 2009 at 19:14 #

    Do death-knights rock? Absolutely! I’ve alt-ed my DK up to level 63 and I’ll probably try to run Hellfire Ramparts this weekend.

    She is just so much fun and so survivable. Running the Zeth Gor (sp?) quests in Hellfire Peninsula on my shaman was a test of endurance. Sometimes just getting in the gate left Morane out of mana and health. With the death-knight I can virtually just hack my way through the guards. Obviously I still need to control the pulls but I never stress out worrying that an extra add is going to ruin my day.

    I do have a hunter alt and while there is some comparison – both classes are extremely powerful – the play style is quite different so I’m not surprised that you would find death-knights not your cup of tea.

    As for the death and disease thing, ny DK is Forsaken so that all comes naturally to her.

  2. Pike March 26, 2009 at 20:30 #

    I was really very impressed by the Death Knight quests, they felt very immersive to me. You know something has made an impression on you when you come out of the DK starter zone at level 58 and you look on every other DK you see as someone else who has “been there”… someone who “understands” what you’ve been through… it sounds cliche, but yeah.

    The class also was initially very fun although I think the shininess kind of wore off for me relatively quickly.

    I don’t think it’s everyone’s thing though!

  3. Shawndra March 26, 2009 at 20:44 #

    I rolled a death knight just to do the starter zone. I may level her one day, but she is not a priority. Was it worth the time to finish the starter zone? Definitely. The lore you experience first hand is priceless, and the quest and mechanics involved to complete the quests are just too much fun. I do heartily suggest you do it with a friend, as some of the quests are more fun when in a group. Just don’t let them run too far ahead, or you will lose them in the phasing!

  4. Windpaw March 26, 2009 at 20:58 #

    Wow, some really ringing endorsements for finishing up those quests. I guess I know what I need to add into my queue of things to do…

    1) Get Rain’ and Windpaw to 80
    2) Finish my writing contest entry
    3) Figure out what I’m doing with Tigerclaw
    4) Do Death Knight starter quests…

  5. Klinderas March 26, 2009 at 23:07 #

    No pet.

    Complete lack of individuality.

    Serious appetite.

    Normally, lack of tastebuds. I got lucky.


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