Rainchaser’s Rainy Day…

8 Mar

Greetings from the AFK-Writer-Bot!  Windpaw is probably back in the states by now – but is likely still lost in the massive goat-rodeo that follows troops as they return from overseas.  He’s probably enjoying things like “standing in line” and “filling out paperwork in triplicate” and other such epic goodness.  Today’s post is another old Rainchaser story.  Best I remember, Wind’ wrote this sometime last year and he was feeling a bit low.  The imagery isn’t bad though so I figured I’d share it!

Rainchaser pulled the tattered corner of her yeti-skin blanket and blotted out the orange rays of the sun as it rose over the Vile Reef. There was a part of her (a small and annoying part that reminded her too much of her mother) that wanted to rise with the sun and greet its ascent into the morning sky with thanks and prayer.

The rest of her felt otherwise.

She was tired, tired and strangely lonesome. Loki was gone, hunting somewhere in the jungle, and Gitr had stayed in Elwynn with Baelgrim. Rainchaser was alone in her high-hide, camped in a small recess on the bluffs overlooking the Great Southern Seas. She was about a half days travel north of Booty Bay, tucked into a hidden cove. It was a smugglers paradise that cove, and gorgeous to boot with white sand beaches, swaying palms, and the high craggy bluffs of dolomite and granite.

She knew she should rise. There was prey to track and trap-lines to check. Her buyer – a truly appalling goblin by the name of Trisc Veldwelbel was willing to give her fair coin for panther skins and she’d agreed to bring back at least half a dozen of them. She sighed deep down inside the recesses of her covers and started to shift around on her bed of rushes when something truly delicious happened…The sky throbbed and a low almost threatening rumble of thunder rippled its way up and down the coast.

One bright violet eye opened experimentally and Rainchaser looked out beyond the protection of her blanket. The sky was green and the wind had an electric tang to it. The sun which had pried so uncomfortably at her just moments earlier was instantly muted and then vigorously snuffed by fast moving storm clouds as black as an eredar’s heart.

The Draenei huntress sighed contentedly in her warm and dry little shelter. She arranged the wineskin she used as a pillow under her black-green locks and burrowed happily down into a nest of rushes and yeti-skin. For a moment, a feeling of such relaxed contentment surged through her that her naru’s mark glowed a faint sapphire.

She was sound asleep as the storm rolled in.

No better lullaby than the faint pounding of rain and wind driven surf. A heavy blanket of cool mountain air joining with the hot, rain filled south sea clouds painting the morning sky with a palette fit to break a sailor’s heart…orange, like tiger-skin, red like blood, and the deepest gray green as the sea met the sky at the horizon….


2 Responses to “Rainchaser’s Rainy Day…”

  1. Syrana March 8, 2009 at 15:08 #

    *sigh* I love falling asleep to rain and crashing waves.

  2. Negathle March 8, 2009 at 20:08 #

    Considering the storms that have been crossing the Great Plains+Great Lakes+New England areas, this well sums up my morning!

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