The Blood Elf Bandit Mask

4 Mar

Hey folks – AFK-Writer-Bot here!  We all remember Rainchaser from Blood Colored Lion of Mountain Size right?  Well – back when Windpaw first started writing this stuff, Rain’ was actually a female Draenei and not the lovely Tauren huntress we all know.  Still – since Wind’ is AFKing his sorry butt back to the states right now – I thought it appropriate to share some of the “old” Rainchaser stories.  This is a little old, but those of you that remember the scramble to find Blood Elf Bandit Masks will hopefully appreciate it.

Rainchaser stepped back from the fallen Blood Elf and cursed hotly.

“Light Take ME!” She raved and flung a bit of gore covered red cloth off into the bushes. The draenei huntress stood slowly and turned to face her companion.

“You stabbed him in the face,” she growled. Baelgrim regarded her placidly and continued cleaning his knives.

“You did it on purpose,” she accused. The dwarf rogue cocked one bushy eyebrow at her and pressed a knife filled hand to his chest as if to say “Not me – I’d never!” The mute dwarf paused a beat then flashed a quick toothy grin at the draenei. Rainchaser’s cobalt skin turned a deep purple as the dwarf swabbed one of his knives against the bit of whet stone he’d sewn into the front of his shadowcraft shoulders.

Swic, swic…

Muscles rippled across Rainchaser’s clenched jaw as she ground her teeth in frustration. The two of them had been hunting the blood elf spies for hours. Each of them had been taking turns on the kills in order to recover one of the coveted red and gold bandit masks. Made of blood colored silk, the masks were the trademark of a Sunhawk Devil – a unit of Quel’Thalassian elite commando raiders. They’d only found three lurking in Azuremyst and only this last had been wearing the valuable head-gear. It had been her turn to loot – but in the middle of the fight, the damnable dwarf had lunged in between Rain’ and her quarry, planting one of his jagged black knives center mass in the blood elf’s face. Ruining the mask…and the face….

Baelgrim gestured insistently that the commando had been about to cast some devastating spell – and that it was his quick intervention that had saved the draenei. Rainchaser wasn’t buying it. She spun on a hoof and whistled for Gitr. With an explosion of leaves and an eager “HROINK” – the big, black skinned Ogrimmarian Boar scrabbled up from his resting place and bounded over to her. Rain’ slapped his flanks absently as the boar snuffled about the dead elf’s corpse. Certain that the mangled invader from Quel’Thallas was no threat, Gitr looked up at his mistress and let out a forlorn “SNORK.”

“I know you’re hungry,” she said soothingly, “find me another one of these too-pretty skinnies and I’ll give you an apple!”

With that, Gitr “HROINKED” happily and motored off into the bush, his head down, nose snuffling. Baelgrim stood slowly and stretched, ready to pick up the chase again. He caught Rainchaser’s attention, then made a sign with one gnarled hand and pointed to himself.

My Turn.

Rainchaser stuck her tongue out and the dwarf and in a wrathful huff, turned and followed Gitr off into the depths of Azuremyst. The dwarf followed silently, a grin still evident through the black tangles of his beard. The red and gold rags were worth a pretty penny at the auction house in Ironforge he knew, but compared to the look on Rainchaser’s face when he’d spitted that skinny right in the gob?



4 Responses to “The Blood Elf Bandit Mask”

  1. Capn John March 4, 2009 at 17:39 #

    I remember starting a Dranei on a PvP server a long time ago, and running into one of those Blood Elf fellows. And he dropped The Mask.

    I listed it on the AH for 100g and the next time I logged on I had mail, from someone offering to buy the Mask for a lot less than 100g.

    The prospective Buyer was online at the time so I messaged him and explained it was the only hat a pre-20 (or was it 25?) toon NOT a Rogue could wear (Rogues get those BOP Defias Masks), and it was the only hat you could Enchant and not become BOE.

    He replied that I was still asking too much, and offered to buy it from me later when it didn’t sell.

    The next time I logged on I had more mail waiting for me. This time it was an envelope from the AH, with 100g inside 😉 Brand new toon, all alone on a PvP Server, and he had his Mount money by level 15 🙂

  2. Morane March 4, 2009 at 18:21 #

    Darn this mask must be rare! I’ve leveled two Draenei to 20 on Azuremyst/Bloodmyst, plus two other alliance characters from 10-20, and I’ve never seen it.

    Cute story also.

  3. klinderas March 5, 2009 at 04:26 #

    I really want a boar now, just for the Hroinking.

    That made me laugh.

  4. Syrana March 7, 2009 at 01:36 #

    Man those masks really sell on RP servers, especially Horde-side. I remember helping to farm for a few hours.. eesh, but a nice profit! And of course, I had to have one for one of my toons too…

    Interesting dynamics between the two, I’m curious if there are more stories with the 2 of them (before Rain ‘transformed’ 😛 )

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