Day Late…(6) Dollars Short

22 Feb

Okay – so I did get tagged – and I did dig through my current screen shots folder for pics.  I grabbed my 16th, 26th and 46th…(not including feet shots and bank ceiling shots…or loading screens….)  What?  looking for some kind of reason behind my numbering?  Keep looking – they have sixes in them and that’s as close as I could get 😉

First up, this is Skychaser in her stalled at level 71 greatness.  Can’t seem to get back into the enhance shaman thing and leveling as resto is like stabbing my eyes with hot flaming monkey fists.  I miss Sky’ – but my time and attention is back on Tigerclaw at the moment.

Tiger’ back in Borean Tundra, hanging out with new friends.  This was during her fury phase.  Titanz Gripz is a lot of fun but leveling as protection spec is AMAZING right now.  I bet I spent almost 200 Gold bouncing back and forth between fury and prot trying to decide which I liked more.

Last but not least there’s Rainchaser.  She’s actually 69 and in Borean Tundra right now but this was her as she first started making hoof-prints in Outland.  I miss her.  There is something about the hunter class that calls me back no matter what.  Once Tiger’ is safely at 80 and making headway in heroics we’ll head back to the  Borean, string our bow and soldier on.  Until then, Rain’ and and Loki are hanging out at Taunka’le, enjoying the hot springs!

Back to writing for monkey-boy!  Coward Delivery III out soonish!


2 Responses to “Day Late…(6) Dollars Short”

  1. klinderas February 23, 2009 at 05:54 #

    Hunter = fun.

    That’s just how it works.

    Everything else = not as fun
    Not as fun = work
    Work= taxes

    Therefore, other classes cause death.


  2. Chawa February 24, 2009 at 19:21 #

    Best quote ever: “leveling as resto is like stabbing my eyes with hot flaming monkey fists”…..

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