Tauren Rogue Balance

17 Feb

So my buddy Sertab is new to WOW and he’s pretty peeved that he can’t roll a Tauren Rogue. Surprisingly – there are a lot folks out there that feel the same way. After all, if you have some knee high gnome in solid plate tanking bosses – who’s to say that a 7 foot tall cow-man-rogue wouldn’t be equally as feasible….



One Response to “Tauren Rogue Balance”

  1. Morane February 17, 2009 at 19:37 #

    NPC#1 : OMG, there’s a stealthed rogue trying to sneak up on us.
    NPC#@ : Where?!
    NPC#1 : Over there
    NPC#2 : What, behind the cow?


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