Acheevmunts – Deficit

17 Jan

The Green Hills...Again....So – do you like achievements?  Really?  Are they a worthwhile addition to your WOW game play or are they a distraction?

Me – I like achievements – though I have to say that my manic pursuit of the silly things is twerking my natural OCD something fierce.  Questing in a new area?  Can’t leave until I get the achievement for finishing all the quests or exploring the whole bloody place…or both.  Don’t bother me with leveling! I’m faction grinding – must…have…nifty…title….

Blizzard’s game producers being the evil studies of human nature that they are,  knew exactly what they were doing when they introduced achievements into the game.  I can imagine them sitting around a big corporate table together working the idea up…

“We need something that will make players want to have to dive willingly back into old content.  Something that will make them want to run around the far corners of Azshara or Zangamarsh making sure they’ve explored everything.”

“Oh – and don’t forget to make them emote /love to dozens of random animals and force them to eat strange food that gives them violent mood-swings.”

“Can we make them kill turkeys?”

“Sure – whatever you want.  Hell, make them jump off of stuff and see if they survive.  We can keep server-side trackers of the stuff here and have our own internal achievement awards…like “Gravity Hates Me” for miscalculating fall distances – or how many times they’ve missed their /hug after killing someone  in the battlegrounds.  This could be great.”

Yeah – probably not.  

Either way – I’ve read some “professional” game journalists that have gone on record saying that they think achievements in games take away from a  players ability to explore content freely or sets improper expectations around what it is to succeed.

“What?  You haven’t cleared all of the classic dungeons and raids?  And you call yourself a serious raider? Step off noob…”

You get the idea.  They might be on to something too.  Still though, life is often about all of the small wins more so than the big ones and for an increasingly casual population of new gamers signing on to WOW, the achievements are a great way to reinforce their early successes.  That said, you can’t forget  your hardcore base either.  For those of us that did the original honor grind, I still take a great deal of pride in wearing my “Stone Guard” title.  Sure – I’m no General or Marshal, but it’s proof that I’ve been there – suffered that – and moved on.  For the hardcore gamers achievements lend a very tall and ungainly pedestal to perch upon and caw at the rest of us.  It also allows them to very casually show the rest of us what it’s like to set a goal – work for it and succeed.

so bzy

For myself – I’ve been suffering from Altitis since late 2005.  Can’t help it.  I’ve tried all the seven step programs – I’ve switched toons and factions and specs, nothing sticks.  So – you can imagine what my achievement deficit looks like compared to say – my friends who have managed to focus on one particular character’s development since the same time.

For example – I’ve known Elzandra since 2005.   Nice – healthy achievement levels there.  When we moved our toons from Shadown Council RP to Twisting Nether RP-PvP – she started up a brand new Elzandra and has stuck with her ever since.  Sure there have been alts – we all have alts.  But you always know who Elza’s main is.

Me?  Yeah – lets look at my poor Druid, Sequoia.  The horror….We started those toons at exactly the same time.  Somewhere along the road – I got lost…(and apparently dropped elemental leatherworking for enchanting?  WTF?)

Woot!  Can haz Ogrimmar Wolf plz?

Even my aggregate of alts when lumped together don’t hold a candle to my more focused friends because I’ve spent so much time leveling through old content trying to catch back up.  Have I had fun through all of this?  YES!  So – for me – there’s win there.  That said, I can see how some might think that the pursuit of achievements boxes you into a virtual corner.  Do I wish that I could have spent more time focusing on one toon or another in order to have given myself the appearance of being more “successful” in game?  Sure I do.  It’s like merit badges – or rank – to have more is considered to be “better”.

Am I losing any sleep over it?  Not yet…I’ll let you know….


2 Responses to “Acheevmunts – Deficit”

  1. Elzandra February 11, 2009 at 06:12 #

    There are people in my guild who are serious “cheezmint” players. If you think mine are healthy, check out some of the other players in : Rosicrucian, Ursullah, Aliena for example. Many of my achievements were lost..all the dungeons that it said I didn’t do, for example. I had to redo any dungeon that I didn’t have loot or a quest reward for the final boss. I haven’t finished a lot of them, Seq, because, as you mention, I haven’t decided that it is worth it.

    I mean…do I want to kill Omen again for my Elder title? I killed him in a 2-hour, 40 person cluster back in 2006. At 60. I still have the lantern, but it didn’t show the achievement for killing him! /boggle.

    Nice to hear you are ok, Windpaw.



  2. Elzandra February 11, 2009 at 06:13 #

    Heh, didn’t register the guild name: Rooks on Twisting Nether.

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