Flawless Arcanite Lust…

14 Jan

Flawless Arcanite LustOh Flawless Arcanite Rifle why do you tempt me so?  You’re a hopelessly outdated and morbidly expensive relic of Huntery hanging there in my auctioneer window.  There are GREENS that will destroy your crafted finery in but a handful of levels.

Yet I would still blow almost 1/3rd of my epic mount fund to possess you.  175G – 175!  That’s what they want for you.

Sure, you’re expensive to make – you need 10 – 10 Arcanite Bars just to start shaping your barrel and the hand-tooled, lugless bayonet.  The 2 Azerothian Diamonds?  I have no idea – but I’d bet they were ground down and make up the lens of the +10 scope your crafter has so thoughtfully added.

So why – why in your near unobtainable obscurity do you only do like 39 dps?  In 2005 – 2006 that was a reasonable – nay a highly respectable amount of damage.  But now? 175 Gold…


Yes, I understand that the market drives the need.  Your pattern is a rare drop off some fluttery critter in the Eastern Plaugelands and only the best materials and enchanted whatzits will find their way into your finely crafted breech.  But who – who lovely rifle will use you?

Such a great weapon model – so hard to obtain – so hard to craft – and comes with such a limited lifespan.  Ever get this way over something  you found in the auction house?  Every spend WAY too much money for it knowing as soon as you forked over the gold – you’d regret it?

Did I meantion it has a feather?


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