Handy Hunter / Gatherer Macro

12 Jan

LifebloodOne of the great things about patch 3.0 was the addition of skills like Lifeblood and Master of Anatomy.  These are simple abilities that gatherers (herbalists, skinners, miners) recieve as they level their professions.  Each of these new abilities  provide a unique benefit to the player.

Take Lifeblood, at max level, the spell will fire off a HOT that heals you for 1200 health over  5 seconds.  With a three minute cool-down the spell makes a handy little addition to any of your “WTF!” macros.

Ah – what’s an “WTF” macro? – these are panic buttons that I tend to use (and maybe over use) when one of my characters gets into a jam.   Things like the old “shift out of bear – slam a mongo healing potion – shift back to bear” macro that made the rounds for druid tanks not long back.

My Hunter/Gatherer “WTF!” is called that because it’s made for a hunter who also happens to be an herbalist.  If you’re handy with macros you can adjust and tinker to suit:

/console targetNearestDistance 5.000000
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [harm,nodead] Wing Clip
/cast Disengage
/cast Lifeblood
/cast Aspect of the Monkey

For those that are code impaired – here’s what it does.  First off – the macro will target whatever enemy is closest to you.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one you’re attacking.  It will then Wing Clip that target – bound you backwards with Disengage, tosses a Lifeblood on you to mitigate any previous damage or rogue poison, shifts you to Monkey and the re-targets your original target.

You’ll want to smack whatever button you bind this to a couple times to ensure it runs through its full gamut of fun.

Hope this is helpful!  Comments or better ideas appreciated!


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