12 Jan

canhazfishRainchaser woke with a start as her fishing pole jumped unexpectedly in her hands.  She redoubled her grip and with sleep sticky eyes scanned the expanse of gentle blue water.  Her bobber – it was gone.  The pole jumped again and she tugged it sharply to the left – sinking the hook she hoped into tonights campside dinner.

Windpaw looked up from where he was dozing and raised one shaggy black brow at his mistress.  Boring stuff this fishing.  Boring – but interspersed with these infrequent bouts of apparent panic.

And no fish.

With an excited hoot, Rainchaser fought her rod and cranked desperately on the gnomish made reel.  The water near the bank churned and frothed as she triumphantly hauled a nice sized Sunfish up and out of the water.  She turned and proudly displayed the flopping gold and red prize to Windpaw.

“Dinner!” She exclaimed.

“Whoof!” he replied.  Windpaw went back to sleep.  It would be dinner when she caught two, and the cooking…the cooking was another story altogether.


One Response to “Acheevmunts”

  1. Gitr January 13, 2009 at 14:29 #

    Grats! I hit 1,174 fish last night after a weekend of fishing my way up to 328 skill level. Talk about monotonous.

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