The Long Term Effects of Character Customization…

11 Jan

I've got a million of these...srslyOkay – I don’t RP all that much.  I do live primarily on RP and RP-PvP servers – but I don’t do it out of a need to explore my erotic inner death-knight – my character doesn’t use RP addons or have a menu bar full of emote macros….

No – for me – it’s more the taste and tone of these worlds that I prefer.  The players tend to be a friendlier the world just…better somehow.  Pike knows what I’m talking about – there are  fewer naked mail-box dancers adorning the capital cities and not that many restless rogues named Sepphirothx2 whispering you to “tank Nexus  plz?”  I like it.

That said – I have to wonder about the impact of Blizzards new paid Character Customization service on folks that live and play on RP worlds.

After all, you and your character have spent how many days together in game?  Do a /played – see what it tells you.  You’ve got a lot of blood, sweat and tears tied up in that toon and to suddenly let fly $15 and discover your gender, name, hairstyle and overall appearance changed has to be well…weird.

Told you...
For the first half of my WoW experience I played a Night Elf (feral) druid named Sequoia.  For two years that’s how people knew the virtual me.  I blogged as Seq’ I pvp’d as Seq’ and I led a guild as Seq’.  Now – no matter which of my dozens of ALTs I step back into that world with, people still call me “Sequoia”.

So – what happens when Seq’ shows back up to the party one night with two high bouncy breasts and a white pony-tail?

That just doesn’t feel right.  Is this really me? Whoa…dude – I don’t know you – quit *whispering me*.

Because I’m a sucker and because I had $15 laying around  – I decided to up and give the re-customization thing a try.  I picked Rainchaser – my Alliance Rainchaser (there are two!) and did away with her pert pig-tails and impish smile and replaced them with a much more masculine and mustachioed version.

Vodka plz?

Vodka plz?

I left the name the same and promptly dove back into the world.  It felt…well…wrong somehow.  For all intents and purposes this was the exact same toon.  I had the same stats, the same gear, the same achievements and the same crappy crit rating.  But I didn’t have the same memories.  I had no attachment to this newer manlier Rainchaser.  I was no better at PvP – no more aggressive out in the game world – and strangers still regarded me with the same cool detachment as before.

It wasn’t until I dug back into my screen shot archive that I realized what was missing.

I started Rain’ a good while back as toon to keep my oldest son’s latest Night Elf rogue company.  I was bored of the level grind and spending time exploring the then new BC content with mah boi was a great way to kill a long weekend.

We have some great shots of us together.  Rainchaser and Cherana hunting blood elf spies, Rainchaser and Cherana fighting elites together – and (my son’s favorite) – our two toons side by side taking on a *dragon* and winning.

Good memories.

Eventually – Alliance Rainchaser became my very first level (Alliance) level 70.  She remains one of my favorite characters – though she…sorry…*he* finds himself little played these days as I have been pretty much Horde only for quite a while.

Rainchaser - the Original Flavor...

Rainchaser - the Original Flavor...

But gender confused (Alliance) Rainchaser doesn’t feel the same.  Like flipping through a scrapbook of old family pictures and suddenly stumbling upon your fat Uncle Bernie who’s now fat Aunt Bernice is just disconcerting.

It doesn’t feel right to me.  I don’t know if I could do it again short of maybe paying another $15 to have old Rain’ back with her pig-tails and smile.

Have you tried it?  How did it work for you?  How’d you feel about your toon?  Was it the same – was it different?

Did you try to hang an RP hook off your customization?

“Demonz turnd me girly”

Were you trying to escape a guilty and sordid past ?

d00d I jacked teh guild bank! lol!

Or do  you just have too much money laying around and thought you’d give it a spin?  I’d love to hear about it and hear how it’s working out.


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