It’s a Wide World…

11 Jan

Rainchaser crested the hill slowly and gazed out over the paradise of rolling green and sandstone that was Mulgore, her home.  It had been long road from Ogrimmar and her clothes were covered in a rime of dust, grime and sweat that spoke of weeks of travel.  Windpaw padded up quietly beside her and gazed out over the panoramic vista.  The tall black wolf scented game ahead and the lush, open landscape made his tail wag with pleasure.  Rainchaser noticed this and she chuffed the back of his neck affectionately.

Mulgore from the road....

“I told you it was worth the walk,” she said with a smile.  Windpaw woofed noncommittally and nose down – headed off down the trail and into the tall grass.

Worth the walk…Over a year on the road – she had traversed most of Kalimdor and even sailed to the Eastern Kingdoms.  There had been blood and fear and sacrifice every step of the way.  But there had also been beauty and light and the presence of valiant friends.

She had seen the face of many enemies – and the Alliance were neither so bad nor so vile as some of the “allies” she had worked with along the way.

She had much to think about…many stories to tell.

Welcome to Windpaw’s World folks – post one down….


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